Library at College

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The college library has a good collection of high quality of necessary books. For enhancing knowledge of students and their entertainment, several daily newspapers and magazines are made available.
For the assistance of the economically weaker students, there exists a book bank. Four books are made available to such students, who are required to return the books loaned to them to the college book bank before examination.

  • All students will be issued three books from the library. They will be required to return the books issued to them to the library before the commencement of the examination.
  • Books, magazines and newspapers must be used carefully without any damage to them. No page should be torn. There will not be any permission to take any magazine or newspaper out of the reading room.
  • Fine will be imposed for stealing any book, magazine or newspaper from the library or reading room or tearing pages from them. As an extreme punishment, admission to the college may also be cancelled.
  • Peace must be maintained in the reading room.
  • It will be compulsory for every student to follow the directives printed on the library card issued from the library.